About Me

My name is Davis, I currently run my own, web based business, which I built actually built and developed myself, and I am not a web designer, but I have, been running businesses, and using, the web, and internet, since the early nineties. Previously as a Sales and Marketing Director, for some large organizations, I have developed, and commissioned, web sites, for many different, business models. Web development, and optimizing, my web presence, is in my blood. In this day and age, a website is a must, for any business, and with the advances, in technology, the Internet, as a business platform, is available to anyone, who is willing to do a little research and learn. Websites have in the past, cost me, and the companies, I worked for, hundreds of thousands, of pounds. Hopefully, I can offer some advice here,  that will show spending lots of money does not mean success, and outline why you can build and develop your own  website locally or Internationally, for very little investment, just using a little bit of logic.