Develop a Map

Develop a Map

April 4, 2014 at 10:05 pm

Development of your website depends on its compilation, how it is put together and its design in a web friendly way, which involves indexing. Sites generally have individual pages, and they require an Index of pages, this is the road map for your site and is how Google and the search engines access the information and content, if your index is complicated and the pages are not linked correctly, or named correctly, the search engines will ignore pages and relevant content, just because edit cannot read it. Read More ›

What is SEM

April 3, 2014 at 10:40 pm

People sometimes get confused, when someone mentions SEO and SEM, in the same sentence, as they believe it is the same thing. Well it’s not so confusing, as one is not the same, as the other, and as a development is a tool, it is paramount that don’t confuse the two.

SEM or “search engine marketing” encompasses everything, which you can pay for provided by the search engines, and social media sites, like face book, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Whilst SEO, will help your website, be seen, and favored, by the search engines, and improve your sites rankings, in the huge mass of the World Wide Web, natural search results.  SEM, will bypass the whole complex, algorithm, work and process, and take you straight to number one, on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Very simply, SEM is the name used for advertising and marketing programs offered by the search engines and social media sites, this can be broken down by PPC, pay per click advertising, Banner, advertising, impression marketing, and many other ways the search engines, make money.

The advertising proposition, using “keyword” search is simply using the same algorithm as natural search, but you can choose keywords, which are applicable, to your business, and you would like to pay for, and bid on them, on a cost per click basis.

Google adwords, is probably the most used, and offers many tools, that allow you to breakdown, and match, the searches they receive, to your products and services. You create adverts, and bid on the keywords, to place your adverts above other advertisers, on the first page, of a Google search. You are basically paying, for advertising space, on the search engines first page, like you would in a newspaper or on TV.