Develop a Map

Development of your website depends on its compilation, how it is put together and its design in a web friendly way, which involves indexing. Sites generally have individual pages, and they require an Index of pages, this is the road map for your site and is how Google and the search engines access the information and content, if your index is complicated and the pages are not linked correctly, or named correctly, the search engines will ignore pages and relevant content, just because edit cannot read it.

You can, waste a lot of money, on developing a website, that the search engines, don’t index, and ignore. The web is a big place and has a lot of information for the search engines to find and collate, if it is not simple they will just ignore it and go on to the next.  A site index is important and each page is as important as the next, so make each page readable by the search engines, and you will get a better ranking than a competitor, who failed to index the site correctly.

Indexing is also the key to link building, it allows you to build your links with other sites that become part of your own index, which the spiders will read, if you have links, to and from other sites, the search engines, will open them and see your site again and again. The importance of links is that they should be easily seen not hidden away so place them on the main pages of your site. This also applies for your own internal page links make sure they are easily picked up by being on the main pages.


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