Effective Long-tail SEO Strategy for Social Media Platforms

Tactics for maximizing business visibility on social media platforms are common enough, but are results always forthcoming? It used to be all about driving traffic through search engines, focusing on single keywords like car insurance or free slots but this old standby approach is now supplemented with newer strategies using social media. It is now a two-pronged focus with each component getting optimal attention. Competition is tough. It is a noisy maze out there, and sometimes only micro-content can cut through the clutter. Long-tail SEO, with its specific phrases, is known to drive results with superior click through rates. In fact, statistics show that over half of searches use four-word phrases. It is much lower for one keyword; and in this case, less is not more. Social media, however, now dictate short content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and the like work best with efficiency in mind. Frequency is better than an overload of information. You have more options to educate and entertain your public about your company brand. This is known as “micro moments” or bits and pieces of contact, and it works across channels. If the right keywords are in position, the results can be powerful. Off-page optimization to your website is also a consideration via links with different anchor text. Within a well-rounded strategy, all kinds of creative devices are possible such as great images, videos, tweets, etc. It is all fuel for the revenue fire. We operate as businesses within a media explosion that can overwhelm users if not controlled. Working smart is essential on all fronts. Expanding beyond long-tail SEO is therefore timely and relevant. While keyword phrases reach the most qualified traffic and are less competitive than micro-content, the latter has its distinct role. The information contained has a cumulative effect on memory and marks your brand as worth following. Micro-content is quick and easy as a custom message. It meets the 8 second rule of a viewer’s attention span limit. Achieving a balance of strategies is therefore ideal short and long term. The same considerations apply as with any well-designed marketing plan: quality in-depth content, synching long-tail keyword phases, and scaling content creation. With a three-step process, any business can excel in marketing in the digital realm. The search engines are hungry for blog posts, videos, infographics, and the like while social channels gobble up relevant content. A website blog dovetails into a tweet within seconds. Long-tail and micro-content work hand in hand. If your content is area specific and consistent, engaging and entertaining, it will speak volumes about your business and ultimately drive the desired traffic. Content marketing is a strategy of choice and the determinant of success. Careful attention to the basics will mean a positive outcome is guaranteed.

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