The Internet is a big place and, even if you optimize, your website like a professional, there is no guarantee, that you will get on the first page, of a search engine results. You must consider, your marketing and sales strategy and Incorporate, both SEM and SEO in your web development, for your online business.

Many people ask me why, would you pay to advertise, on a search engine, when your website is optimized, for natural search. Well basically, as with all business, it is simple return on investment, unless you can optimize, your site, by yourself, to a level of a specialist, you will pay for, SEO services, and SEM costs money also, so it is just a commercial decision.

The entry level investment for SEM, marketing, “Pay per click” is low, and the investment in paying someone, to optimize your site, using SEO techniques to reach the natural search results for your desired keywords, page one of Google is high. With the time and work required, for SEO to work, it can cost thousands of pounds. Where as you can open a Google Adwords, account, and pay as little as 0.10p a click in a non competitive market, and your adverts will show on the first page. It is easy to budget and simple to work out when it works, which is difficult with natural search.

When you look at a Google, search results page, for instance, the top three search places, and all the results, down the right hand side, are paid for adverts, gathered from the keyword, you typed in the search box. The statistics are available and show that over ninety percent, of people, will click on the first, three results. So even if you become number one for a natural search result, there is likely to be three adverts above you, that someone paid only one pound, to gain a customer.


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