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Simplicity works

Simplicity works

April 1, 2014 at 2:14 am

Overall in web development, it’s all about simplicity, the search engines do not like complications and the algorithms that they use to choose, the best search results, are based on lots of available information. So when compiling your site, think of it like a smooth and fast journey you are taking when looking around.  The more information, your site can impart, to the spiders crawling, your site, the more likely they will use, the results, in their search answers.

A clean simple layout and motorway type, navigation through your content and information, will allow your site to compete on the internet, and be found, a little more easily, than the proverbial needle in a haystack.

A great example of how simple the search engines look at information is shown in Google+, a social platform from Google, which basically, allows a quicker route, to the top of the search engine. Google is not interested in working hard, and likes information, to be easily accessed, so it sees its own platform information, more quickly, than any other. If you want to get content, seen quickly just share it on Google+ and those spiders will be lunching, on your content, very quickly.

Simple navigation and a good site map, is the key to success with search engines, but the key to your business success, is creating the right content, that will bring more customers, to your site. Everything is available on the web, and some sites just do better development than others but when you arrive, the development was good, but the content, is not, so you have to, more creative, and engaging with your customer, when they arrive, at you site.