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Caught in a Web

Caught in a Web

April 13, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Some things you should you do, to optimize your website, so that search engines, will look at your site favorably. Firstly make sure your site has original and relevant content, secondly create a compatible website, stick to the rules of design with security and protocols, and make sure every page has a seeable page link with a title.

More importantly, update your website with new and interesting content, periodically, make your website, visible to the spiders, and therefore, more likely to show your website, for the search made, over another similar site that has no changes.  The clue is “Web” and as a web, it has spiders that crawl over it, every time something changes, just like fly caught in a web, the spider feels it, and goes over to take a look. Google is t

he largest search engine, but all the other search engines, do the same.

The spiders do not come out unless they feel a change, and every time they come they take a screen shot and log the change, on their servers, which provides the results for its algorithm. The spider does not go out into the World Wide Web, in real time looking for the answer, which would be one super spider.

When they see you have made a change, they create a cache a screen shot, of the site, and this, is what, produces, the results of the search. So when you make changes, th

at are relevant, do not change it again, until you know the spiders, have logged the change. You can check the last time a spider crawled, your site by typing cache:http://www.yourdomain .com in the tool bar and it will tell you, the last time your site was cached.