What is SEO

Web development, is a big word in business, and there are, a lot of terms ,that get thrown around, that may confuse, or just baffle you, so we shall firstly outline some briefly here, and in more depth in other parts of the site . The big one, we all hear a lot is SEO, or “search engine optimization”, this is simply, optimizing your web site, with content, and links, using various tools, to increase its availability and favor, in the eyes of the search engines like Google, Yandex,Yahoo and Bing. 

Good SEO, practices, should mean, that these search engines, favor your site, for a search made by a user, over another similar website. Search Engine Optimization, is a simple concept if you understand what the search engines do. So the likes of Google and search engines have what, they call, web crawlers or spiders,  that look over each and every websites content, and match it’s algorithm, for the search made by the user to the site. Put simply it matches the words typed in the search box, and attempts to give the best result, for those words. 

Now we can all say, that sounds simple, well actually itis, but if you understand, that this happens every minute, of every day, across the world, and the spiders or web crawlers are calculating every sites relevance, it will not always come up with the same site, because we are continually adding and taking away content, for the spiders to read. 

Applying a bit of logic to this process, should simplify how you look at SEO, as a tool in web development. There are millions of websites and millions of words to crawl over, so your website is not being crawled, every minute of every day. Only when it changes, just like a spider on a web, it comes to visit your site.



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