At our company, we are well versed in providing a vast array of support services for web platforms and software products. This ranges from minor database applications to major league systems deployed in multiple locations across different platforms which are used simultaneously by millions of guests. We can confidently support your systems no matter the language in which it was written. For a long time, we have been giving support services for products which were developed externally. In this fluid info tech world, you can be sure we will always be there for you when you need us for your project and beyond.

Day-to-day Support

We know your business needs to be fluid. Due to the fact that there is a relentless drive for new technologies, it is important that you continue to upgrade your website and software applications driving your business. This can be a lot of resource to expend employing your own in-house team.

However, at our company, we can accomplish this task for you with ease and panache. Even for digital products that were created by others. We create support packages that are especially suited for your business or budget. We also check or review the systems we have put in place, taking a more aggressive approach while recommending upgrades if important.


Software is only as good as the user. This is true in today's IT world. For you to unleash the full potential of our products, your team would do better having the requisite knowledge to extract the best from your new product. We provide professional courses including workshops for products we created or those which were created by others but which we maintain.

Software design consultancy

More often than not, most of the projects brought to us require us to provide a custom solution from inception to design and finally implementation. Nonetheless, it so happens that we may be needed to give expert advice on certain projects as well.

Our services are highly intuitive, anticipating your needs. In that regard, we can give you the best expert advice possible thereby leaving your project in the competent hands of your in-house team. We can be used on call for expert counsel regarding a specific digital product or we can provide technical assistance in the implementation of new software.

If you lack in-house technical assistance, you will need help to overcome your software challenge –or like a lot of other businesses, you do not see the need to have an in-house IT department. You can affiliate your business with us while we offer you the option of a flexible IT partner without the burden of monthly paychecks. Use us whenever you can because we only take fees when our services are utilized.